Grand Prize

Congratulations to Diane Joo and Christina Pesavento, ’10 alums of City Year Miami! Their piece, “Cathedral Building” is the grand prize winner of the Art of Idealism art competition!

This painting is based on the City Year Founding Story Cathedral Building. Diane is currently abroad in Korea while Christina is serving as a Project Leader of Civic Engagement with City Year Miami. We caught up with Christina to learn more about their award winning artwork:

Q: What was the inspiration behind this piece?

Christina: Last year City Year Miami hosted a corporate breakfast and we were gifting one of the speakers who came to the event. The development staff asked me and my friend Diane to paint a picture that had to do with the theme of the lunch, which was the Catherdral Building Founding Story.

We brainstormed ideas for how it would look and I came up with the initial sketch of having people working on building something in reality and having a reflection of what they were building be in the water, because I wanted to capture how in the story people are building something that they may never see the results of, but they have an idea in their mind of what it will one day look like.

Q: How did you work together on it?

Christina: I prefer drawing over painting, and Diane prefers painting to drawing, so I drew the piece and Diane painted it. It really was like putting it together like the cathedral – making it into the final piece.

Q: What does the Cathedral Building Founding Story mean to you?

Christina: It definitely is one of my favorite founding stories because it is something that has inspired me throughout my last two years with City Year. When you’re down in the trenches in the schools, you’re part of a larger movement, but you don’t usually see or feel that on a day to day basis. It is helpful to go back and remember that this is going to take a long time and a lot more people. There were a lot of people before me and a lot of people will come after me, and it will all come together in the end in helping reduce the dropout crisis.

Congratulations to Diane, who will be attending medical school, and Christina, who will be attending Law school at American University this fall!

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