Welcome to ‘The Art of Idealism’ Art Competition

Help us create the first art edition of our Founding Stories Book that will give new life to the stories for corps members who are serving in some of the highest-need schools across the country, and for the staff and community that supports them.

City Year has a strong culture and set of values, and a key element of that is our collection of founding stories. These stories help remind us why we chose to serve and help frame the problems we address in classrooms across the country in new and inspiring ways. We share “Starfish Stories” in our community meetings (telling about a student whose life you’ve changed), we start every meeting with “Ripples and Joys” (a joy being something joyful and meaningful and a ripple meaning an action you took that you saw created waves of change in others), and we constantly strive to “Be the Change” in our work everyday.

We hope you find these stories as inspiring as we do and will submit artwork based on one of them!




City Year is an education-focused, nonprofit organization that partners with public schools to help keep students in school and on track to graduate. In communities across the United States and through two international affiliates, this innovative public-private partnership brings together teams of young AmeriCorps members who commit to a year of full-time service in schools.

Corps members support students by focusing on attendance, behavior, and course performance through in-class tutoring, mentoring, and after school programs.

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Some icon images are derived from the wonderful resources at thenounproject.com including “Community” by BLEN Corp, “Hand Wash” by Igor Kiselev, and “Diamond” & “Water” from thenounproject.com collection
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